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Kairos Performance Learning invites you to attend the Problem Solving and Decision Making Workshop on the following dates in 2014:

April 29-30, 2014 (Penang, Malaysia)

June 3-4, 2014 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

This workshop will be delivered by Dr. Khoo, a Certified Problem Solving and Decision Making Facilitator with many years of hands-on experience in the use of the techniques of problem solving and decision making in the manufacturing and service industries. The present clients include several multinational companies and local private companies, including Government-linked companies.

Coupled with well designed training materials, inclusive of individual needs analysis of participants, interactive activities, case studies and practical examples of thinking fast and working smarter make this Problem Solving and Decision Making workshop unique and different from other similar workshops being offered.

A look at the testimonial given by the Higher Education Youth Association (HEYA) in a 2-hour talk at the Leadership Camp:

“On behalf of the Higher Education Youth Association (HEYA), we wish to thank you for the invaluable contribution you made at the HEYA Campus Leaders Training Camp on 19 Jan 2014. Your presentation on Problem Solving and Decision Making is well arranged and very suitable for the participants’ age group. I believe that by understanding the methodology of solving problem as well as several common causes of making wrong decision, we can increase the success rate of making quality decision.

Thank you again for taking the time to speak at our camp, and we hope to invite you again in future.”

Will you today please contact to find out more?

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