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Lead Your Team Into a Post Covid-19 World With Whole Brain Thinking

According to Karim Morgan Nehdi, the CEO of Herrmann, the biggest idea in management is Cognitive Diversity. He defines cognitive diversity “as the differences in the thinking that people use to process the world around them, collaborate, solve problems, and make decision.”

In the post Covid world, conformity within the organization will lead to stagnation of thought. Thinking agility is most appropriate and timely to make the most of the unique differences of the thinking styles of the employees, using the HBDI.

Kairos Performance Learning in collaborating with Herrmann invites you to the workshop, Become a Whole Brain Leader with HBDI to equip leaders with tools, practices and skills to leverage and elevate cognitive diversity. More than 2 million people from 97% of Fortune 100 companies have used Whole Brain® Thinking to improve productivity, innovation, collaboration, and inclusion. Join other professionals like you to become a whole brain leader.

Workshop Details: Becoming a Whole Brain Leader with HBDI (SBL Khas Approved by HRDF)

Dates: August 6-7, 2020

Location: Evergreen Laurel Hotel, Penang

Time: 8.30 am – 4.30 pm

Register Now. Go to: (Click Contact)

or Email:

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