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Leading From Good To Great – The top 15 things leaders must know

Leaders have to get results. Leaders have to avoid the trap of too activity-focused and forget to deliver results. Below John Baldoni lists down the top 15 things leaders must know to inspire results:

Top 15 Things Leaders Need to Know to Inspire Results

  1. Demonstrate character. It forms the foundation of everything a leader says and does.

  2. Be accountable for your actions and responsible for the actions of others.

  3. Check your ego at the door (and keep it there).

  4. Promote resilience. There is no shame in getting knocked down; it’s getting back up that matters.

  5. Get in the habit of asking questions but do not expect easy answers. Make it safe for people to ask you questions, too.

  6. Manage around obstacles. The path to fulfilled goals is seldom straight.

  7. Management is the discipline of detail. Leadership is the art of thinking beyond details in order to make things better.

  8. Drive innovation by encouraging everyone on the team to think and act creatively. Good ideas can come from anyone at anytime.

  9. Encourage dissent about issues but promote civility around people.

  10. Create a winning culture so that people feel confident about themselves and their work.

  11. Change always happens. Learn to anticipate, embrace, and adapt to it and teach others to do the same.

  12. Teach others “the how” —then get out of the way and let people do their jobs.

  13. Honor tradition but seek to do things that benefit people today and for tomorrow.

  14. Get off the pedestal. Leadership is less about who you are than what you do!

  15. Lighten up. Take the work (but not yourself) seriously!

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