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Introducing A New Training Program - Conflict Resolution

Conflict, as old as time is everywhere. We do not have to look far to see conflicts on an interpersonal level within our organosations, or in a nation and internationally.

Understanding how to deal with interpersonal conflict, reconcile emotions and reach an understanding are valuable practices that boost well-being and productivity—and all of these techniques are learned through conflict resolution.

Kairos Performance Learning is always in the forefront of introducing new training programs like Conflict Resolution

Conflict if left unchecked or not resolved can lead to lost production, absences, attirtion and even law suits.

People need some form of established guidelines within which they can determine what works well and how effective they can be at resolving conflicts. This 2-day interactive training will empower employees with practical conflict resolution techniques and strategies which can be efficiently and effectively utilized when managing conflicts at work.

Kairos Performance Learning is pleased to announce the first Confluct Resolution training on May 28-29, 2024.

Kindly contact: for more details



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