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Want To Analyse, Organise and Present Your Ideas Fast?

Kairos Performance Learning is committed to partner with you in your career development so that you will grow and glow in your organization. Communication is one of the 4 top learning skills required in the 21st century. Excellent verbal and written communication is still important to employers, but increasing value is now being set on the ability to think and act quickly and well. This is where Think On Your Feet® comes in handy in some of the situations below:

· You have been asked to summarise a technical report into a 3-min concise and brief verbal update during a meeting

· You found yourself in a situation where you needed to answer important questions on the spot and you were not able to find the right words or the right structure to present it well

· You had problems when trying to get your ideas across to your peers and your superiors in a structured way when it mattered most

Kairos Performance Learning brings to you the 2-day Think on Your Feet® workshop which teaches you to speak with Clarity, Brevity and Impact®. Use the tools when you have no time, limited time, or plenty of time to prepare your message. You will have confidence that your message is well structured, clear and brief.

When: September 18-19, 2023

Venue: Evergreen Laurel Hotel Penang

Duration: 2 Days of investment

What to expect:

• Your certified Think on Your Feet® facilitator, Dr. Khoo Cheok Kau will lead you through lots of practices, feedback and coaching

during the Think on Your Feet® workshop

• You will receive a 108-page bound workbook, plus lots of tips,handouts and practice sessions

Workshop Fee(HRDF Claimable): RM2,600/participant. Register for 2 participants and the 3rd participant will get a free complementary seat.

You can bring in Think on Your Feet® into your organization. In-house training can be arranged on request.

To Register, kindly contact to book your seat.


Dr. Khoo

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