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Competency-Based Behavioural Interview

The use of competency-based selection procedures for selecting high performing employees has become a STANDARD PRACTICE for many organizations. Research shows that you are 8 times more likely to hire superior performers using competency-based selection than through traditional interview techniques. Furthermore, you are more likely to keep those superior performers, improve productivity levels without additional expense, and reduce recruitment and selection costs significantly. Competency-based behavioral interviewing is based on the principle that past and present behaviours is the best predictor of future performance.

Kairos Performance Learning offers a 2-day highly interactive CBBI (Competency-Based Behavioural Interviewing) workshop where participants will be able to prepare and ask behavioral-based questions to probe on the applicant’s previous accomplishments instead of their own personal biases and gut feelings.

In Malaysia, this training programme has obtained the SBL-Khas approval from the Human Resource Development Council under the Ministry of Human Resources.

For further details about the CBBI workshop in your organization, kindly contact:

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