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Not Every Critical Thinking Skills Workshop Is The Same

Not every Critical Thinking Skills workshop is the same. How then is the Kairos Performance Learning Critical Thinking Skills workshop different and unique from other critical thinking skills workshops?

Why you need to consider the Kairos Performance Learning Critical Thinking Skills workshop

  • Receive Your Takeaways from the workshop for reflection and application of concepts

  • The workshop makes critical thinking interesting and engaging rather than a dry subject

  • It is business-focused, non-academic, not focused on theory but practical and implementable

  • Obtain examples of how to use the Critical Thinking Process at work

  • Get real-world tools, techniques and exercises to hone your critical thinking skills

  • You can apply the Critical Thinking tools and techniques on actual business problems

  • the Critical Thinking Skills workshop is designed and customized to real world situations based on research and in-depth study

  • Delivered by hands-on and very experienced facilitator from both manufacturing and service industries in multinational companies

Kindly contact Kairos Performance Learning for on-site or open enrolment training at:

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