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Persuaders are Irreplaceable

Yes, persuaders are irreplaceable.

Do you want to stand out or just get by? To be exceptional? To thrive in the highly competitive world? To be unstoppable?

In the knowledge economy, you are only as valuable as your ideas. Therefore, you need to articulate your ideas successfully.

Gifted intelligence, great ideas, and outstanding products by themselves do not persuade. Even the most amazing scientific discoveries didn’t see the light of day until someone persuaded someone else to get the discovery into the marketplace. Great persuaders bring ideas tor life. Persuaders make things happen – inspire people and excite them. To thrive in a highly competitive business environment mastering persuasion will enable you to stand out and get ahead of the pack. It is no longer considered a “soft” skill. It is the foundational skill to move from good to great and exceptional, not just average. You become unstoppable and irreplaceable.

Persuaders are irreplaceable, unstoppable, irresistible

Join professionals like you and explore how to ethically and effectively apply the Principles of Persuasion to move people to change, to act and to say “yes” to all types of requests–particularly those that occur in business settings. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to put what you learned into practice.

Registration is now open for the ONLY workshop endorsed and developed Dr. Robert Cialdini and based on the ground-breaking research in his New York Times Bestseller, INFLUENCE

Workshop Details:

Program: Principles of Persuasion

Dates: 17-18, February, 2020

Venue: Evergreen Laurel Hotel, Penang, Malaysia.

Further Information & Registration:

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