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Empty Your Bucket of Biases

There is a story about a professor who went to a Zen Master and asked him to explain the meaning of Zen. The Master quietly poured a cup of tea. The cup was full but he continued to pour as the tea splashed out and ran across the table. The professor watched, mystified. "Why do you keep pouring when the cup is full?" he asked. "Like this cup, your head is already brimming with thoughts," said the Master, "To understand Zen you must first empty your mind of preconceptions." Learning Point of this story: A filled cup has no room for critical thinking and creativity. Instead it is filled with bias like: 1. Overconfidence - “We have been there before" 2. Lack of resources, budgets, time 3. Blame Empty our buckets to get rid of preconceptions and outsmart our own biases.I recommend reading the article “Outsmart Your Own Biases” by Soll, Milkman and Payne in the Harvard Business Review:

Dr. Khoo Cheok Kau will facilitate the next Critical Thinking Skills class # #on September 10-11, 2020.

Register now for the Critical Thinking Skills.Don't be left out when other professional like you are learning to think critically to outthink, outpace and outperform the competition.

For details email:

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