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It is disappointing to note that companies still hire “ducks” rather than “eagles” to work in their organizations. Two recent examples to illustrate these “duck” employees who still walk among us today:

Example 1: When I went to an “established” housing developer to complain about the leaking car porch even after numerous failed attempts to patch up the car porch by their “workers”, I asked this lady employee, “who hired these people who did not do a good job of closing up the leaking porch, the employee confidently replied, “we do not hire them – they are not our workers, but our contractors”. I asked again: “then who hired these contract workers?” She replied, “we hired them.” My reply, “So, you hired them???” She could not answer. I am speechless with this “duck”.

Example 2: I went to make a payment for some purchases and asked for a receipt. This lady employee, proudly said, “we have procedures – we only issue receipts on the 10th, 20th and 30th of each month. You will have to wait till the 10th of January to receive your receipt.” I asked, “don’t you issue the receipt immediately when any payment is made?” Again, I received the reply, we have our procedures” – another “duck” who walked among us. I am again speechless and dazed how this lady can be employed or is the company also a duck.

Companies hire “ducks” because they are easy to find. “Eagles” are more difficult to find. To find the “eagles” we can use Competency-Based Behavioural Interview or CBBI.

To find out details about CBBI and to bring CBBI into your organization, kindly go to:

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