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Are You Ready for 2023?

2023 arrives with the warning of a recession and profound transformation in most businesses. There will be a growing need for upskilling, reskilling and even right skilling training programs. It is a priority for organizations like yours to ensure that the employees learn new skills and update their competencies to remain competitive.

Kairos Performance Learning believes strongly in providing solutions for the learning needs of your organization.

We are pleased to offer you the following HRD Corp Claimable SBL Khas Approved training programs for 2023 to be included in your training calendar (kindly refer below to the Training Calendar for Jan-June 2023)

1. Principles of Persuasion®

2. Think On Your Feet®

3. Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI®)

4. The Leadership Challenge®

5. The Heart of Coaching®

6. Persuasion and Influence®

7. Problem Solving and Decision Making®

8. Critical Thinking Skills®

9. Behavioural Event Interviewing®

10. Managing and Making Decisions®

11. Effective Time Management©

12. Critical Supervisory Skills©

The above courses are a great way to jump start your planning for 2023

Our learning programs have continued to be successfully delivered online and we have already commenced the face-to-face training class late last year. Onsite training can be arranged on request.

For registration of the training workshops, kindly contact me at:


Let’s catch up and stay in the loop. We will keep you updated on the latest training initiatives, the Managerial Assessment of Proficiency (MAP) and Complex Problem Solving (CPS).


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