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Critical Thinking Skills – A Must not a Should

Our normal way of thinking prefers the routine, habit and fixed procedure. Quoting from Albert Einstein, “The significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” The speed of accelerating changes and the economic upheaval we have heard and experienced today requires a higher order of thinking from all of us. Critical thinking is now a key competency for all employees working the organization of today to have an edge over their competitors.

In a 2006 Study conducted by the Conference Board, together with Partnership for 21st Century Skills, Corporate Voices for Working Families and the Society for Human Resource management, critical thinking ranked the highest, surpassing innovation or the application of information technology. In another survey by Pearson TalentLens, the most important topic according to respondents was critical thinking skills.

Critical thinking skills include strategic thinking, creative thinking, problem solving, and decision making. When we are equipped with critical thinking tools, we are confident to enhance existing work processes and improve problem-solving and decision-making capabilities. Critical thinking is necessary for filtering the important from the insignificant, distinguishing facts from opinions, discernment of patterns and soundness of reasons, all the relevant components for more informed decision-making.

Kairos Performance Learning is offering a 2-day Critical Tinking Skills training to paticipants to become critics of their thinking, to examine the characteristics of critical thinkers and be aware of the stages of development in their thinking. An assessment of their thinking will be administered in this respect, so that they can act upon their weaknesses in critical thinking and make them into their strengths.

In Malaysia, this training programme is claimable under the SBL-Khas Scheme.

Will you please contact: for further information on the 2-day critical thinking skills training?

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