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The Competency Based Behavioural Interview (CBBI) workshop is SBL KHAS CLAIMABLE and can be offered as On-Site of Public Training Program. Kindly contact: for more information.

To help you to know more about behavioural interviewing, I am providing information in several instalments or parts so that you can decide to attend the workshop. The first part of the reading article is below:

Part 1: The Problem With Job Interviews

Job interviews are not taken seriously by managers and those who have been tasked to hire people to fill job vacancies in the organization.

The possible reasons are:

1. Interviewers are assumed competent in interviewing candidates because they have attended interviews before when they applied for job vacancies. As a result they have picked up the wrong or inappropriate interview techniques. These bad interview practices get passed on from one generation of interviewers to the next.

2. Interviewers over-rated themselves as good judges of character

3. Interviewers use gut feelings or own instinct to make hiring decisions – “I know it when I see it”

4. Interviewers are hard pressed for time to hire people and thus do not give enough time to prepare for the job interviews. This is in sharp contrast to the processes being followed and the time for evaluation when making purchases of equipment, making sales and handling financial matters.

5. Interviewers did not use a structured approach and continue to use the traditional unstructured interviewing style.

We can use the following checklist to assess our interviewing skills:

  • How well do you interview job candidates?

  • Are you able to tell a good candidate from a bad one?

  • Have you projected a good image of the company to the job candidate?

  • Are you using a structured approach to interviewing?

  • Do you realize that you add value to your organization by hiring the best?

  • Do you treat all the candidates fairly?

  • What are the questions to ask and not to ask?

  • How can you put the candidate at ease during the interview?

  • Do you use probing questions to get more details from the candidate?

  • Are you able to spot liars from truth tellers?

Part 2 on behavioural interviewing will be posted next.

Your facilitator, Dr. CK Khoo had been a General Manager, Human Resources for a multinational company with responsibilities for the Asia Pacific Region. He has vast experience in recruitment of various levels of staff.

Kindly contact Dr. Khoo at for more details.

NOTE: This CBBI training programme is claimable under the SBL Khas Scheme

Inhouse training can also be arranged.

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