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Improve your Life at Work and at Home with EFFECTIVE TIME MANAGEMENT

Kairos Performance Learning introduces Effective Time Management , the new time management workshop for all facets of life, not just the demands at the workplace.

Organizations are revitalized with Effective Time Management training that works:

Employees who enroll in Effective Time Management are better able to:

  • Increase productivity at all levels of the organization

  • Share a common vision and mission that creates unity among team members

  • Minimizes crises by encouraging proper planning

  • Increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover rates

What the participants say about Dr. Khoo Cheok Kau as a Facilitator:

“Very fortunate to attend your training. Thank you so much!” – Chose to be anonymous

“You are such a Great Trainer, that I’ve seen.” VIM

Kindly contact: for in-house training for your organization.

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