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Feedback for the recently concluded workshop:

1. Instructor: Score of 4.91/5.00 2. Course Contents: Score of 4.74/5.00 3. Materials: Score of 4.64/5.00 4. Overall Score: 4.80/5.00

A sample of the numerous Comments of What the Participants say about the workshop:

1. This is among the most enjoyable and useful classes I attended in my 25 years in … (a huge MNC ). Dr. Khoo is extremely knowledgeable in the subject and speaks with authority.

2. It was really a fabulous training. I really liked it. I wasn’t well today but I was motivated to attend it because of yesterday’s training. (1st day of training)

3. Good in making use of real life examples. This allows participants to relate to the subject matter. Examples are practical rather than theoretical/academic. A very mind opening training which I will highly recommend others to sign up.

4. Very engaging course with many real life examples to adopt in our work.

You will tremendously benefit like many of the participants from one of leading and top MNCs by attending the Persuasion and Influence Workshop.

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